Welcome to Vermont-Honduras

Welcome to the web site of the Vermont chapter of the Vermont Honduras Partnership of the Partners of the Americas organization. Partners of the Americas is the largest private voluntary organization in the western hemisphere dedicated to promoting economic and social development while fostering inter-American friendship and cooperation. Founded in 1964, Partners works by pairing 45 U.S. states and the District of Columbia with 31 Latin American and Caribbean countries into 60 partnerships.

The Vermont-Honduras Partnership has been active since early 1966 and is committed to fostering close cooperation and understanding between the people of Vermont and Honduras through a person-to-person exchange of information, ideas, skills, and experiences. The partnership mobilizes resources at the community level through the involvement of private citizens in technical and cultural self-help projects mutually beneficial to both sides of the partnership. The work of the partnership is carried out through committees which have members in each partnership.

The partnership relies heavily on membership dues and volunteers to launch and sustain projects. Find out how to get involved in the Vermont-Honduras Partnership.

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