Ecological Sugar

Project Contact

Daniel Baker, PhD, The University of Vermont
(802) 656-0040
Project Started: 2001

About the Project

The Ecological Sugar Project has been vibrant for over ten years, connecting UVM students with sugar cane producers and cooperatives. The main goals have been to reduce environmental degradation and to increase income for small scale producers through design and transfer of appropriate technologies and market development. By creating a more efficient evaporating system, the need/want to burn tires (a health hazard) and wood (a cause of deforestation) is reduced or destroyed.

As of 2008 The Ecological Sugar Project continues to be expanded and has now been adopted by 800 – 1,000 Honduran farmers. VT-POA President Dan Baker has worked with local partners to design and implement this project with Honduran partners and UVM students. Several components of this projects have included: technology transfer of flue-pan technology, small-business development, and the support of microlending mechanisms to aid in the adoption of this new technology. Upcoming plans include expanded technical assistance to producers and small scale fabricators, as well as evaluation of producers using the new evaporator technology.


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